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Viejos Amigas Excelentes Vacaciones (Part Three)

I was one happy girl as I crawled in between the sheets that night, thinking… I must be dreaming… I must be dreaming… The next thing I knew it was 7:00 A.M.. I opened my eyes and realized that I was really in Mexico.  Jumped out of bed, I ran to the balcony to see the sunrise over the ocean! The horizon was still dark, but my eyes were captivated by the many yachts headed out for a day of fishing. The Bisbee Fishing Tournament was in full swing on this beautiful calm October morning. What a sight to see! I counted to 35 quickly with more boats coming into sight. Some were all lit up, while others had no lights at all. The boats traveled very fast as they headed out to The Sea of Cortes, leaving a trail of white water in their wake.
I could feel it, the day was going to be a perfect day with my Viejos Amigas! Breakfast, then lounging by the poolside and of course, just sleeping the afternoon away.
Later, our day would end with an evening trip to town. But right then, the marina was bustling with activity! Many of the Bisbee Fishing Yachts were docking in the marina. Chelle and I were off to enjoy a cruise on the Rissalena catamaran. The white deck was polished to a brilliant shine; it’s lounging area was stunningly all dressed in white while gracing the yacht with comfort. A beautiful stain glass skylight set over the serving area casting a variety of beautiful rainbow colors on the white surroundings. This is where our dinner was served by Captain Eduardo Rissalena’s daughter, Nora. This dinner cruise was well worth $55 per person it cost us in 2008. Along with the 20 other guests, we had a front row seat of the Bisbee Tournament Fischermen returning in their well equipped beautiful yachts to the Marina Main Dock with their big marlins on board. What excitement they showed as they each came directly in front of us, throwing the small fish out to eagerly awaiting pelicans. The pelicans snapped the fish up in midair. Each yacht represented the $65,000.00 entry fee into the famous ESPN televised event. One of these lucky teams would net the two million dollars for the biggest blue or black marlin caught during the 5 day event. That year, Hang ’em High won with a blue marlin weighing in at 492 pounds. Chelle and I actually saw the winning yacht coming in that evening! That in itself was exciting! More yachts continued to come in, each trying to beat the 6:00 deadline. Our expert, Captain Rissalena, maneuvered around the yachts and other tourist boats. We came along beside a beautiful beach called, Lovers Beach. It is near what is known as Lands End or El Arco, the Arch. You are not going to believe what we saw next! Sea lions, such a wonderful surprise! The sea lions cacophony of barking from their rocky perch underneath the watchful gaze of El Arco was quite a sight and sound. The lounging sea lions seemed to have taken our recent spot of watching the beautiful yachts from their own front row seats just as we had done earlier. When we rounded Lands End, where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean and the desert meets the sea, we saw a stream of water coming through a hole in the rock. This beach is called Divorce Beach. We then sailed across the 20th Parallel or the tropic of Cancer which is just 20 degrees from the Equator. No wonder it is so hot there. Much too soon, we saw our beautiful resort as we were enjoying the sunset. It was an interesting perspective seeing it from the seaside. This expedition would be worth doing again!

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