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Viejos Amigas Excelentes Vacaciones (part two)

My heart was still pounding and my head dizzy from that exciting ride through Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, when all of a sudden a peace came over me as we drove up a cobblestone paved drive. The electronic crossing gated entry was flanked with palm trees. The cobblestone drive was lined with large rock pillars. The pillars were connected with long poles in between. On top of each pillar was a shallow round pot filled with the most beautiful, draping, pink flowering plant with a perfectly manicured miniature canopy tree coming up through the center. Aw, can you hear it? Can you hear the ocean with its sounds of crashing waves? Once again I was experiencing the sounds of battle between the elements of water and land, and the smells… the smells that I had forgotten… the smells of the ocean breezes as they came racing through my car window. I couldn’t believe I was once again here! Sy is a most gracious hostess to have invited us to enjoy her family paradise. I felt blessed.
The perceptive shuttle driver sensed my longing to enjoy the grand entrance as I tilted my head towards the window so I could breath in the ocean breeze. He slowed his speed to just poking along so my eyes could begin to drink in the beauty around me in every direction. The driver with his distinct familiarity of confidence, pulled around a majestic fountain held up by carved rock dolphins, which made quite a presentation while gracing the entrance of the resort, Pueblo Bonito. The craftsmanship of the stone carvings was one of the many details that welcomed me to my ‘Excelentes Vacaciones’. The driveway curved around into a beautiful circle drive pulling up into the entrance of the courtyard lobby. The bell boys were dressed in white, each with a step stool in hand and made ready by offering his outstretched hand in order to help me step down into the dreamlike fantasy vacation of a lifetime. This mid-afternoon arrival time at Sunset Beach on my 2008 trip has provided me with many memorable hours of unique inspiration and enjoyable painting even years later.

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