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Hi there, my name is Dallas Mayer. You may wonder how my name came about. Well contrary to popular belief, I was not named after the city! My parents knew a family in Idaho with two beautiful children long before I was born. The children’s names were Zane and Dallas. Dallas was a pretty little girl that was a delight, and her brother Zane was a husky little guy. When my only brother was born before me they named him, Zane. As the fifth of their seven children, my parents blessed me with the name of Dallas. My name is unique, and I always tell people that I am the Mayer of Dallas so they will remember my name. That works most of the time.
Living on a ranch has always been my life. I grew up 14 miles from where I live now. I have a deep seated passion and [ ]

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Cowboy Artist

Oklahoma City, is where the Cowboy Artists of America, 48th Annual Exhibition is on show, at the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. My husband, Jim and I saw the show last weekend. There is a new artist work that I had not seen before. His name is, Jason Rich, he is a darn good artist. He lives in Utah, but grew up in Idaho. Another artist that I enjoyed is R. S. Riddick. He painted a cowboy out riding line through a bunch of blooming chamisa. His cowboy is featured surrounded by a cloudy sky with big puffy clouds. I love this painting. Bill Owen passed away this past summer and his art was featured. He was a great artist and cowboy. His painting,”Caught A Little Deep” is striking in person. Go see the show, it is worth it. You have until January 5, 2014.
The Small Wonders Show was [ ]

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