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The Roar of Silence

I am convinced that the roar of silence is the sound of winds aloft. Hearing the roar of silence is a part of ranch life. Today, I began to think about it in a philosophical way. As the silence surrounds me, my mind recalls a favorite of mine. T.S. Eliot, an American poet, wrote a poem titled, ‘Silence’. Eliot alluded to the fact that he was terrified of the peace of silence. Silence does not scare me, nor does it bother me in the least. I embrace the cessation of sounds around me. When one is alone, you’re all you have, and you can get a real sense of your inner self. As long as you have your faith and a sense of wellbeing, you have a moment in time where you can reflect on what is really important in your own life. The silence and aloneness brings this into sharp focus. 
I was not always comfortable with being alone. [ ]

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Message Delivered

Merry Christmas everyone!
Christmas is a special time for most of us. Christ was born, creating quite a stir in His day. Can you imagine without the use of cell phones or social media, that God sent his angels to deliver a timely message to the shepherds, “The Savior had been born in Bethlehem.” Why was that? Why did God think it important that the shepherds be part of the good news of the Christmas story? I think it was because they were the most far flung people out there. They should have been the last people on earth to know, but they were among the first. The shepherds were receptive to the message, whereas if the people at the Inn would have received the message, the scoffers in the crowd would have downplayed the message, diluting it with rumor and speculation.
However the shepherds, were in a secluded quiet setting, [ ]

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Visual Analysis

I was riding my horse, Dolly, while bringing a few stray pairs out of a deep draw and onto the flat.  This was the spot we had predetermined the herd would be gathered. I instantly saw the other riders; some were still a quarter of a mile away or more. I recognize the visual shape of each man, how he sets his horse, his posture, and the horse’s gait, each with their individual defining silhouettes. Through all of the dust and atmosphere my mind takes in this visual image in a split second, and I realize my husband is missing. This is my sub-conscience taking in and transferring visual imaging of fine detail of what I am seeing; the shapes and tone being more important than the image.
The laws of visual analysis and thinking, in terms of composing a drawing of a visual image, is what I ponder as [ ]

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Gentle Cattle

Today I was left in charge of checking the water for the twenty month old heifers. They were lounging about in the sun soaking up the last nice warm day that we will have for a while. When I was opening the gate to walk down into their pen, they all looked my way wondering what I wanted. When I approach cattle I do not make any eye contact, because direct eye contact only seems to threaten them. So I walked through the gate with my head down being very careful to take very slow steps. The little heifers just laid there not bothering to get up. It is powerful walking through lounging cattle to where they feel at ease, it is an amazing feeling.
Gentle cattle are worth every bit of time and effort that we put into them. My son, Tyler Mayer is working to gentle down his herd [ ]

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