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Palo Duro Canyon

No prettier place have I seen than that of Palo Duro Canyon near Canyon, Texas. My few days here this week have been marvelous!
When I was twelve years old, I set eyes on the canyon for the first time. I went with my family to the melodrama TEXAS. Oh, how I have always loved seeing this melodrama over and over again throughout the years.
My trip to Palo Duro Canyon this time was to paint and just enjoy the solitude of the canyon. To be able to start my day in the canyon and end my day in the canyon was an exciting adventure! On my  first evening, I arrived after dark so I missed the sunset. Dang it! I was so looking forward to my first morning, as I jumped out of bed at 7:30 A.M., had a quick cup of coffee and grabbed my protein drink. Quickly, I pulled on my long-johns, jeans, boots and a sweat shirt, [ ]

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My Lot In Life

Painting to me equals genuine enjoyment! Although there are times when painting can be toilsome. Other times my work is like a jigsaw puzzle, snapping perfectly into place with ease as it comes together. As my painting takes shape, it reflects my mood becoming a part of me. As for me, I become a part of my painting, feeling the emotion of the moment.
Outdoor painting, also known as plein air, is a wonderful experience for me. The beauty of my surroundings, God’s Creations, are so stimulating to my brain, filling my mind with colors, shapes, and textures that I must touch them with my hands. The landscape moves and changes with the movement of the clouds, leaving one part of the land saturated in light and the other in deep shadow.
The freshness of the outdoor air is so exhilarating allowing  me to enjoy my surroundings. The birds along with the dancing wind in the cottonwoods is a symphony [ ]

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