My Heart In My Hand

By Dallas Mayer

My life and art have come together for me in the last ten years. As time has passed, I have enjoyed spending more time on my art painting with a full color palette of the things I love. I continue to use soft, sometimes deep, saturated hues in order to paint my story on canvas. The everyday life and the unending vista’s, where space goes on and on forever, offer inspiration not boredom. I have developed my own unique style as I paint my original ideas.

Keeping a positive outlook when I paint helps my artwork become a success in my mind’s eye. My bold brushstrokes help me relax as I paint, allowing me freedom of motion. As a conductor uses a baton, I use my brush to compose my paintings. Simplicity of brushstrokes is my ultimate goal. I connect emotionally with the subjects I paint. Each of my subjects becomes a part of me that I reveal only in my art. I think about the art story that gives my art background; it’s my way of getting beyond reality moving my viewer emotionally. I am composing constantly and challenging myself to not just paint the simple subjects but to work on more complex compositions that are both emotional and tell a part of my story.

My art is like my own personal jigsaw puzzle that snaps perfectly into place. Having family support as an artist is perhaps the most important piece of my whole art puzzle. The support and love of my family allows me to have a relaxed and stress free environment to create art that flows easily from my brush. My brush is my voice, and I use it to tell my story. Thus, the emotions in my art portray my heart in my hand.

Dallas Mayer, “100 % Ranch Lady Artist”, and native Oklahoman, invites you to visit her website Mayer’s next one woman show, “Thorns and Horns- Where the Buffalo Roamed”, opening night will be Thursday, June 1, 2017 from 5 to 7 pm and run through July 31, 2017 at River Valley Pioneer Museum, 118 North. 2nd Street. Canadian, Texas. There will original poetry readings by Jake Fast, author and rancher on opening night.