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Why Wear Custom Boots

With boots, it is all about the fit. Comfort is key to me. I didn’t start out thinking about these factors. Before, it was all about the look! Now, I am older and wiser, and I say to you young wipper snappers,’Take care of your feet’. Years ago when I first went shopping for a new pair of boots at a large western store in Oklahoma City, I couldn’t help but notice, as only a young budget conscious rancher’s wife would notice, that the shop had many average-priced boots. The problem was the boots that fit me best were from a much more expensive boot line. My husband, Jim, was with me. He taught me some common sense that day. Pointing out that for the money I was about to spend, I could have a pair of custom, handmade boots made in Amarillo, Texas by Harry Beck. Jim had been considering custom boots for himself due to his many previous boots that fit him poorly. I was [ ]

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The Day The Pickup Outran Dallas

God put us ranch ladies in different roles than our rancher husbands for a reason. I figured that out many years ago. To this day I seem to need to relearn this obvious lesson in life more times than I care to admit.
The day was planned ahead for me to do Jim’s work in order for him to take our son, Tyler, to his speech contest. Jim had spent time with me laying out the day’s plan of feeding the cattle. After feeding, I was to take a different rig to drive through and check the baby calves for scours which are signs of illness. He told me when I found one, I was to put the pickup in granny low,  pull along side the animal, place the medicine bag on my arm, slip the pickup in neutral,  just before leaping out onto the calf. He assured me that as [ ]

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Confessions Of A Ranch Lady

I have been debating whether it is too soon to relate a most recent experience of my life here on the ranch? The “I will” won. Here goes…Ok, I admit that I am a curious sort, responsible and yes, a glutton for punishment! Now having said all of that, I literally do not have one single solitary excuse as to why I get myself in the darndest predicaments. Incidentally, I might add, I always have a reason for doing what I do. I think so, anyway.  Now that we have all of my defense laid out, let’s get on to the most recent source of excitement in my life. Here, in black and white, is how it happened.
The sun was cresting the top of the horizon as I started down the mile long drive leading away from the ranch house. I was ready for a fun filled day of painting in Palo Duro Canyon along with Anna, my mother-in-law. As I looked back [ ]

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Ranch Life Suits Us

Aww, the smell of fresh coffee brewing can bring this girl right out of a deep sleep any day on the ranch. My husband, Jim, and I have made a deal, that whoever is the first one up makes coffee and brings the other his or her coffee in bed. Well, I guess I gave it away that Jim gets up before me. More times than not, that is the case. Our deal works out well. We usually meet up every morning in the winter by our dear fireside and in the summer on the front porch. We always enjoy the beginning of our day together. Our days are not run on a schedule, and we are not slave to a time clock. We go to work happily, always ready to face the tasks that the day may bring.
The idea of being ‘your own boss’ is a romantic notion to most, but being self [ ]

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Springs Promise

It has been many years since we enjoyed a spring with an abundance of wildflowers. Our moisture has been sadly lacking here on Mayer Ranch. Wildflowers express beauty in the simple landscapes that become grand when appreciated.
Oklahoma panhandle is host to many such rare beauties. My joy as a ranch lady is our pastures are my flower gardens. The delightful profusion of colors entertain my vision as I ride through the wild beauties. To be a firsthand witness when the dainty daisy’s make their debut, puts joy in my heart. The sandhill plum blossoms appear in early spring. The fragrance is so sweet and the blossoms so fragile. Around the middle of May through the first week of June, my husband, Jim charms me with the earliest yellow cactus rose. We have a variety of cactus roses with a hint of pink and orange in the color of the petals. [ ]

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Gentle Cattle

Today I was left in charge of checking the water for the twenty month old heifers. They were lounging about in the sun soaking up the last nice warm day that we will have for a while. When I was opening the gate to walk down into their pen, they all looked my way wondering what I wanted. When I approach cattle I do not make any eye contact, because direct eye contact only seems to threaten them. So I walked through the gate with my head down being very careful to take very slow steps. The little heifers just laid there not bothering to get up. It is powerful walking through lounging cattle to where they feel at ease, it is an amazing feeling.
Gentle cattle are worth every bit of time and effort that we put into them. My son, Tyler Mayer is working to gentle down his herd [ ]

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Life In My Boots

Some people would say, “There is more to life than cowboy boots.” Well, it just so happens that my life has a lot to do with cowboy boots, and I figured that out early in life.
It was a hot, dry panhandle day on the ranch, and my new cowhide, suede top boots were looking good on my feet. I could hardly take my eyes from the buckskin colored boots that Grandpa Brewer had given me the day before. I wore them with my favorite dress, so I could see the pretty, brown leather, cutout designs in the boot tops.
I trotted out to the corral where my older teenage sisters were busy scooping out the dirty stock-tank. Not wanting to break my new boots in by walking in the corral, I jumped up on the rail fence and took on the magpie position of listening to my older sisters conversation, [ ]

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A Grand Place To View The Stars

Woke up early Tuesday morning to the stars shining bright outside my ranch house window. It is a grand place to view the stars that God placed in the heavens on the fourth day. As I contemplated His beautiful Creation, I began to think of how God built His composition. I find it fascinating to think of His creativity and plan during the six days of creating.
Being an artist takes creativity and planning. Thinking the art problems through takes time. The principals of art that I learned first include; contrast, sequence, harmony, unity, direction and balance. These principals are what I think about to create my composition. Outlining a good composition is directional, where your eye goes. A common composition is a series of horizontal lines that is intersected by a single line. Pattern, movement, rhythm and direction all are part of a overall plan of a good painting. My [ ]

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A Season of Blessings

Fall is the most colorful season of the year here on the ranch. In Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.” A season of blessings that sings loudly of colors entertaining our vision with intensity. Warm colors play off cool colors as one looks at the turning of the leaves. Each season is a blessing as it comes and goes into the next. The fall foliage marks a time when the prayers change from plentiful moisture to protection from the storms.

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Vast Space

Over the years my husband, son and I have had the opportunity to travel. It always feels good to be home. As we drive into the Oklahoma panhandle, we always breath a sigh of relief knowing we are getting close to home. My foot lightens on the accelerator as my attention goes to the horizon; my eyes relax as I view all of the vast space that is mostly void in all directions. Grassland, ranch country, makes me happy to look upon it. Down deep I am a ranch lady, and it does my heart good to know this vast space is my home. Space to me is as enveloping, as well as comforting, as my mother’s loving arms. I embrace it with my eyes, because that is the only way your mind can take it all in. I have found fulfillment here painting the things I love. I am native.
I [ ]

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