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Heart In Hand

Being guarded and reserved does not embody an artist’s make up. Art is emotional, because an artist lays their inner-self wide open for professional critiques and reviews, as well as the opinions of art lovers alike. Attitude and art is not only oil on canvas, but it’s the unique talent that each one of us possess. This is everyone of us whether we are fence menders, authors, cleaning ladies, stonemasons, athletes, welders, teachers, shooters, leather crafters, woodcarvers or the windmill repair man. Keeping a positive outlook when I paint helps my artwork become a success in my mind’s eye. Happiness is imperative for me to be able to paint. Being an artist tends to be a emotional roller coaster; a ride I feel I am becoming more comfortable with. I have to keep myself enthused while I paint. That is key to me. My bold brush strokes help relax me as I paint allowing me free motion in using my brush as a conductor uses a baton. Yes, I am composing my painting. Simplicity in brushstrokes is something I strive to achieve. I like to think this freedom from affectation gives my art a clean interesting look. For me, it’s necessary to connect emotionally with the subjects I paint. Each of my subjects becomes a part of myself I reveal only in my art. I am thinking of the art story that gives my art background; it’s my getting beyond reality by moving my viewers emotionally. Writing, like art, sparks an outflow of thoughts as one digs deeper to convey personal thoughts and emotions. With each new composition, I am learning, growing, and constantly challenging myself to not just paint the easy subjects but to work on those difficult compositions that are emotional and tell a part of my story.
My art is like my own personal jigsaw puzzle that snaps perfectly into place. Having family support as an artist is perhaps the most important piece of my whole puzzle. I have to have their support so I have a relaxing and stress free environment to create art that flows easily from my brush. Thus, emotion of my art portrays my heart in my hand!

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