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Palo Duro Canyon

No prettier place have I seen than that of Palo Duro Canyon near Canyon, Texas. My few days here this week have been marvelous!
When I was twelve years old, I set eyes on the canyon for the first time. I went with my family to the melodrama TEXAS. Oh, how I have always loved seeing this melodrama over and over again throughout the years.
My trip to Palo Duro Canyon this time was to paint and just enjoy the solitude of the canyon. To be able to start my day in the canyon and end my day in the canyon was an exciting adventure! On my  first evening, I arrived after dark so I missed the sunset. Dang it! I was so looking forward to my first morning, as I jumped out of bed at 7:30 A.M., had a quick cup of coffee and grabbed my protein drink. Quickly, I pulled on my long-johns, jeans, boots and a sweat shirt, [ ]

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A Grand Place To View The Stars

Woke up early Tuesday morning to the stars shining bright outside my ranch house window. It is a grand place to view the stars that God placed in the heavens on the fourth day. As I contemplated His beautiful Creation, I began to think of how God built His composition. I find it fascinating to think of His creativity and plan during the six days of creating.
Being an artist takes creativity and planning. Thinking the art problems through takes time. The principals of art that I learned first include; contrast, sequence, harmony, unity, direction and balance. These principals are what I think about to create my composition. Outlining a good composition is directional, where your eye goes. A common composition is a series of horizontal lines that is intersected by a single line. Pattern, movement, rhythm and direction all are part of a overall plan of a good painting. My [ ]

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