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Ranch Life Suits Us

Aww, the smell of fresh coffee brewing can bring this girl right out of a deep sleep any day on the ranch. My husband, Jim, and I have made a deal, that whoever is the first one up makes coffee and brings the other his or her coffee in bed. Well, I guess I gave it away that Jim gets up before me. More times than not, that is the case. Our deal works out well. We usually meet up every morning in the winter by our dear fireside and in the summer on the front porch. We always enjoy the beginning of our day together. Our days are not run on a schedule, and we are not slave to a time clock. We go to work happily, always ready to face the tasks that the day may bring.
The idea of being ‘your own boss’ is a romantic notion to most, but being self [ ]

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Weaning Calves

On Tuesday, we weaned calves. The ‘nearly weeklong’ process is for seven month old calves and takes time to prepare so as to lessen the impact on these fully grown calves and their good mama cows. The weaning is necessary so the mama can maintain a strong, healthy body for the upcoming winter season. These cows are pregnant now and will have another calf come spring.’To begin, the calves are trained at a early age to come to the feed truck with their mamas. They are rewarded with cake, cubes of cottonseed, pressed together with sweet molasses. These daily lessons prepare the calves to feed themselves and not depend on their mama’s milk. The men spend time getting the fences ready to hold cattle before the weaning.
The day starts like any other day on the ranch, but ends up with the cows separated from their calves in the pastures around [ ]

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