Welcome to "Life in My Boots". My name is Dallas Mayer, a.k.a. the Ranch Lady. I am an Oklahoma Panhandle artist. God so graciously provided my inspiration. I have found fulfillment here on our ranch, as an artist painting the things I love. "Life in My Boots" sums up my passion.

Spend some time looking through my works. If one of the paintings catches your eye, you can visit the gallery where it is available for sale or contact me. We also list the shows, past and future, where my works are shown.

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oil on canvas

Ranch Lady

You can check out my Ranch Lady paintings here on the website and locate the galleries where they are displayed, as well as my showings.

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Visit my Exhibit at the Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport

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The One Woman Show
THE ART CENTER, Dumas, Texas
April 2021
August 2021
Dallas Mayer, the ranch lady artist, is the ranch lady Oklahoma artist painting oils as the ranch art lady from Oklahoma. Perhaps you have heard of Oklahoma Historical Society Centennial Mayer Ranch, where Dallas paints her full color ranch lady paintings as the ranch lady master artist, depicting genuine ranch art and boot art design, and she illustrates life on the ranch paintings. Her early morning art, art that values western ranch paintings, late evening art on canvas, art with lots of space, and southwestern wide open art, are each one of a kind. Celebrate art with the ranch lady. Focus on her composition of southwest art, cattle in a herd art, cattle at a stock tank art, cattle in the shade art, cattle grazing art, and oilfield art of the high plains. The original donkey and burro art, expansive western art, art that holds value, images of ranch animals, ranch rodeo art, and pleine air ranch art, are all fine art by the ranch lady artist. This Oklahoma lady artist and panhandle of Oklahoma art lady contributes beautiful American west ranch art.