My name is Dallas Mayer. I started life on my family’s ranch 50 years ago and have been married to a rancher 33 years. I guess that makes me a 100% ranch lady. I have many fond memories of growing up cowgirl. Being an artist goes hand in hand with the years of observing everything under the sun. I would like to share a few of my perceptions. Come along with me and experience “Life in My Boots”, as I recount a few that are near to my heart.

A Walk in My Boots

By Dallas Mayer

The spring of the year is my favorite on the ranch. Plenty of baby calves and anxious mamas make for an exciting time of year.  The tang of fresh cut hay and branding smoke linger in my nostrils. The touch of my horse’s nose and the sound of her thundering hooves will stay with a girl who loves that sort of thing. It is the smell of oiled saddle leather or the impressions horse sweat leaves behind or the sight of a new born calf that puts this girl over the top. Have you ever enjoyed the sweet smell of clover on a sunshiny day or the essence of the cottonwoods after a nice spring rain? Have you ever run barefoot down a sandy cow path? Have you ever eaten a Sand Hill plum that was not quite ripe? The tart sweetness can send a shiver through your shoulders and set your teeth on edge. Recapturing those moments will bring a smile to this face every time.

At an early age I acquired the knowledge of reading cattle like a book in the manner of an old cowhand.  As a young cowgirl, I took everything in stride and did my best to make a hand. Yes, there is an element of danger in working a herd or rounding up a lone stray renegade. This never really enters your mind while you are out among the cattle. I have tasted fear once or twice, then later laughed about it. I respect the critters and give them plenty of space. They are just looking to make a run for freedom.  I especially look forward to the spring bull season. Being a part of the excitement of selecting bulls to improve the herd is a way of life
this ranch lady just had to learn by living.

If you have ever experienced a fraction of what I am talking about, you know this girl is head over heels in love with the great outdoors. The end of the day with the sun setting low and the long shadows of light playing off the hills bring a happiness that is an artist’s dream. I believe my early years seasoned me to live life with fewer worldly conveniences allowing me to appreciate the simple pleasures of ranch life.  For a ranch lady it is all in a day’s work, and I love it here on the ranch. I have found fulfillment; I am part of my landscape.